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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic (second day)

Saturday Justin and I thought we'd get up early and head out around 8:30 instead of taking all morning like we usually do. Also, our hostel doesn't have breakfast, so we wouldn't be able to kill a bunch of time there (usually a big time sink). So we left a little after 8:30, took the metro into town, and found an internet place. I had heard back from a potential employer and have a phone interview set up for Wednesday!

Then J and I shopped around and found all kinds of cool gifts for people and got most of our shopping done finally. That was a big relief and I am really pleased with what I found. Also, in all the internet biz, we hadn't eaten, so we found this little hole-in-the-wall food joint/local old men's cafe and bought a fried cheese sandwich, which Carmen had recommended the day before. It was pretty good--a square of mozzarella or something fried, with tartar sauce and in a big soft warm bun. Then we met up with Carmen and found lunch. After that we shopped around some more and stopped at an internet place again. I really saw God working in how our morning went. I was able to get a ton of necessary stuff done. I got an interview set up, plans made to order a bridesmaid dress, bought a measuring tape, measured myself and sent the measurements by email, bought a gift and helped Justin pick out his, met a friend for lunch, and tried two kinds of authentic Czech cuisine. Boy, what a morning! :)

Then J and I decided that we'd better head back to see what the group had planned for the evening. We were all hoping to go out for Pam's birthday, but Pam had been pretty sick and we didn't know if that would work out. If it wasn't going to, we were considering taking an overnight train instead of traveling Sunday. We eventually decided to stick with the original Sunday plan.

The two highlights of the day were having a great quiet time and then having a really important talk with Justin afterward. I'm thankful. Then we headed out with the group to dinner.
Afterward, we realized we probably should have bought tickets for our early morning train ride from Czech (non-Eurail pass territory) to our stop in Germany. Realizing the little station might not be open that early, and not wanting to have to buy it on the train, or worse yet, be fined, we went on a late-night adventure walking to the big station. It was exciting. I'm not going to detail it here because this is already long and I have to write a story about it. :) So ask me for the story if you want to read it. :) Anyway, it worked out fine and lots of walking, metroing, talking to various station ladies (some of whom spoke English), and more metroing later, we got back to the hostel. The amazing thing was, it only took an hour and a half! Goodbye. :)


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