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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday in Cannes

Saturday we got up a little early to head out with Chris and Megan to go beaching at nearby Cannes because the beach there is sand. When we got to Cannes, we walked down by the yachts docked and then around for a while at an outdoor market that had lots of antique china and art and some artsy-craftsy stuff. For lunch, we tried these "croque" sandwiches, which are like two pieces of white bread with gooey cheese sprinkled on top, and we tried a crepe for the first time, which is a huge very thin tortilla-like bread heated up on a griddle with the sweet gooey stuff of your choice smeared inside. Then it's folded a little and served to you warm, oozing whatever (we got chocolate, duh :) you chose. They were all very good. Then we spent some time in the sand and sun. It wasn't as warm as the day before, so we gave up early and went back to Nice. Justin and I went down to the "Old Town" area and eventually found an oasis for our evening meal--a cheap pizza place. Because the Old Town is famous and right on the water, every restaurant there is expensive. But just after Justin mentioned the 6 euro pizza place on the other side of town, we saw a huge orange sign: Pizza 6 euro. The menu had kind of an exotic flair--some sample pizza names were "Cannibale," "Tribale," and "Exotik." Also, my limited knowledge of French didn't give me any clue what the salty, raw-looking meat was on my pizza... Still, it was great. The place was a little shop leading back into the building--it was like a garage (completely open to the air) with bright graffiti. The pizza was huge, cheap, fantastic, and very hot, and we got such great service--the guy cleaned our table off thoroughly, opened our water bottle, and even put a napkin under our tipping table. :)

Tonight's feature: Traffic in Nice. Justin and I determined that the point of traffic signals in Nice was simply to keep the tourists from feeling uncomfortable. That is to say, people considered them suggestions, and driving is really more of an art form than transportation. :) They are pretty good about not running over pedestrians, though. People drive cars and mopeds really fast there. Also, there were SO MANY people on rollerblades and bikes, mostly along the beach, because there was a long, wide paved area running all the way along the beachfront.


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