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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Monday, April 04, 2005

Traveling to Wurzburg

Today was a travel day. We rode the bus from Berlin to Wurzburg, which took all of the morning and much of the afternoon. I am always glad for the time on the bus because it allows me to sleep or work or read or think or whatever. I do a lot of sleeping.

Wurzburg is really pretty. Very picturesque, with a castle on the hill overshadowing the town (have you heard this before?), old buildings, vineyards on the slopes around the castle, a river running through the city, and yellow fields on hills behind the city that show the clouds' shadows.

When we got here this afternoon, we couldn't check in for an hour and a half, so everybody had free time till then. Justin and I crossed the bridge to get to old town and noticed they were letting boats through with locks, so we used almost the whole time watching it. It was really neat, but patience-inducing. I'm not sure how I did. :) Then we came back here for a nice little dinner of schnitzel and potatoes, and now everyone is prepping for a competitive game of Egyptian Ratscrew at 7:30. Hm. Big plans for the night. I think I might watch.

Tonight's feature: The bathroom at this place where we went today for our lunch break. In this particular bathroom, after you wave your hand in front of the autosensor to flush it, a little thing comes out from the back of the toilet and hovers over the seat. Then it spins the oval seat around underneath, washing and drying it at the same time. Interesting.


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