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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Monday, December 18, 2006

[Just sitting here...] The Holidays

Hi there. :) It's been an age since I've written. In fact, as I type, the text in the little box seems massive, and I can't remember if that's right or if something's different. I am writing right now to avoid writing, actually; I am trying to write a Christmas letter to send out to friends and family tomorrow with the Christmas cards I've been meaning to get done already. It's an intimidating task at the moment because I've never written one before and I'm not sure what to include or how to say it. Also, I feel the ever-sliding avalanche pressure of things I meant to do earlier and may not get done in time, this being a recent addition.

So now I'm blogging to clear my head a little so I can write the letter. I just read Toni's poem on the Shenandoah Christian Writers' group blog. It got me thinking about Christmas. Today I read a devotional in Our Daily Bread that asked something about whether we are taking time to focus on Christ, "even briefly," as Christmas approaches. That caught my attention because I haven't taken time yet. I will have to deliberately take time, whenever it is I do. So reading Toni's poem about the holidays and following her thinking into why Christ came and His sacrifice and great love for us... kind of slowed me down. And I wish that instead of needing to write the letter tonight (the Postal Service guarantees delivery of first class mail by the 23rd if it is mailed by the 18th, and tomorrow is the 19th), I could just sit here and, in good conscience, think about Christmas. And probably other things, too.

Well, it is about time to go. I'm wondering whether updating my blog here will make it show up on my blogger profile when you hit my name, say, from the Shenandoah Writers' blog. I just clicked it out of curiosity and noticed that it doesn't show... so I'd like to fix that somehow.

Okay, bye. :)


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