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O satisfy us in

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That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Spring Break: Heading toward Paris to take the train to London

quick click: Today I was sick with a sore throat and acheyness, but I made it through the day. We had poliscience, lunch, I took care of business on the computer and stuff, Justin planned and took care of business right up until we left, we packed, we ate dinner, and we left with Cory (the girl Cory on our trip) for the Capolago train station.
Tonight's feature: European lightswitches. Lightswitches here are so different from each other. Pretty nearly every place we've stayed has had different switches (or at least every other, and that's still a lot!). Here are some of them. In several places they are square white buttons that sometimes have a little light inside them so you can see them in a dark room (very good idea!). Other times, at least in the Pabiana, they are weird little switches that don't stick out from the wall far enough to flip them from just anywhere--you kind of have to stand in front of them and touch it right on the side you want. Also, they're amazingly low on the wall--well below door handles. In public areas in hostels like the hallways, the lights are often on timers so you have to push the button several times if you're having a conversation in the hallway. In France, the hostel hallway lightswitches were small round lit buttons--like a doorbell. Another thing I've noticed is how the lightswitches are rarely centralized (at least in the Pabiana). You never know how many different ones there might be in the room! And they are often OUTside of the room they pertain to! How strange.
Now, for the blog. Today I felt bad all day. I slept really badly the first part of the night--I'm thankful because I haven't slept that badly any other time since I got to Europe! My throat was so dry it felt like breaking something to swallow, and I was freezing until I put on my recently washed pajama pants that were nearly dry. I drank a ton of water and felt much better and slept better. I slept in but made it to class on time. Then, God did something great for me, which was give me time and mental capability to skim vital parts of some articles on the European Union which I printed out the other day IN TIME to actually say something intelligent in front of the class! I meant to be more prepared, but I kept putting it off the past few days until my brain was utterly incapable of understanding them. So that came off rather well, considering. Then I tried to get a bunch of stuff done before the trip, and actually did pretty well with that too. Got some important stuff done, including packing and some emailing and taking care of credit card business. I'm so excited about this trip. I'm exhausted inside and out and really can use the break. I hope it's a great trip and we both get rested up inside and out. Well, goodnight all!


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