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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Monday, January 17, 2005

Down day

This post is written on January 17 for Sunday, January 16. After going to bed around 1 Saturday night, I woke up at 11:15. Nice!! :) I was a little surprised to have slept so late, but glad to catch up a little. I had some lunch, and headed back up to my room for some personal recharge time.

A little before 3 I knocked on Justin's door, since I hadn't seen him yet... and he had just woken up at 1:30! We went on a nice walk then around Riva. I feel like I learned a lot about the people and how they think by walking through Riva. It's hard to describe, since there are so many little impressions you get at the time that are hard to put into words. But for example, lots of people drive really fast. There weren't too many cars out, but on the medium size roads they really whiz along! I say medium size because there are many very small roads that don't quite look two-way but are. There were also several houses that had gnomes in the windows or gardens, and one house even had a whole Snow White and the Seven Dwarves set in the yard! We passed a cemetary and noticed that all the graves had flowers on them and many have pictures attached to the gravestones. We also passed a little open shed with a picture of Mary on the wall and some candles burning next to a man's portrait. Many people had doghouses in their yards. We even saw a green one with pink hearts on it. I felt like I came to know the people of Riva much better by observing their homes.

After dinner almost everybody watched Napoleon Dynamite, which was fun. We were all spread out all over the floor in Pabiana. After the movie Justin and I read the first two chapters of our English assignment, "Death in Venice," and then talked for a while. That was my favorite part of the day.


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