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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Florence Day 2

In the morning we went back to the Uffizi because it is a huge art gallery. We waited in line a long time before finally getting inside. I enjoyed art more this excursion than any other before. Dr. Schuetz was good at telling us a brief history of highlights about the art and its artists and the styles of art. I got much more out of it this way, plus there were many beautiful paintings. Then we were free until 2 p.m., so Justin and Dr. and Mrs. Taylor and I had something warm to drink before splitting up for lunch. First, Justin and I went back to the bridge with the locks and left our own (we have pictures), then we found the most fantastic pizzeria. We ordered the house pizza to split for a decent price. It had ham, mushrooms, and egg on it. Not boiled egg, cut up, but an egg they had broken onto the pizza just before cooking, which stayed a little runny and the yolk of which was unbroken. You wouldn’t believe how good it was! It was excellent! And cheap. And fast. Which was good, because as it was, we already had to meet everyone at the destination, instead of the hotel. The destination was the Galleria dell’ Arte, I believe, which is where the real David is. He’s inside because the rain and weather isn’t good for him. So we saw him and lots of statues, and then, very tired, Justin and I left for our ramblings before dinner. We wandered around, actually looking for a decently-priced ice cream place, discovering various newer sections of Florence in the process. Then we stopped in a park and had a great prayer time, which was very good. :) Then we headed back to the hotel for dinner, stopping to get ice cream across from our hotel immediately before leaving again for dinner. Dinner was (as the night before) at a restaurant close to our hotel. Dinner was steak, which got loud praise from all quarters. We had a funky chocolate goo on cooked cream, which was good, then went back to the hotel. Again, everyone went out, but we didn’t. I showered and went to bed. :)


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