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O satisfy us in

the morning with

Your lovingkindness,

That we may sing

for joy and be glad

all our days.

Psalm 90:14


Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday, Monday

Why hello. I'm writing this on Tuesday for Monday.

Fast pass: Monday was alright. The problem with blogging the next day is that I can't remember the previous day. They seem all the same, somehow. (At least the weekdays.) What I do remember, however, is that Justin and I had a talk as we watched the sunlight fade from the mountain that dominates the sky in front of the mountain we live on. We talked about being stewed up and about having no goal in life any more. The thing is, I know I'm supposed to have a goal. I believe that Jesus gives me a reason to live my life. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to look like right now, if I'm really doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but if I really believe He's in control then I guess I need to trust that I am okay and just need to keep trying and keep my eyes open. Other things we did... had a long Italian quiz, had English class and finished discussing the book we were reading, and went to a mixer thing given by the architects who now also live and study here. I like them. :) They're a little more serious than some of our original crowd, and pretty nice (they bought us chocolate for the mixer! And soda, which is pretty generous of them!).

Monday's feature: The windows. The windows around here are interesting. As a rule, European windows tend to have more decoration and functionality than American windows. A large percentage of windows, especially windows of taller buildings with otherwise bland faces, tend to have windowboxes, many of which have flowers even in January. As for functionality, the Europeans actually use their shutters. How intelligent. :) And there are also these unsightly but very functional roll-down shutter things that work like industrial garage doors. You roll them down and they keep out all the light and some of the cold, making it hard to realize when it's morning.

Yes, well, you already got a lot of what my day was about. In English, we learned more about characterization. The most useful thing I got out of it, that is, what I remember without effort, is that to have a story you must have a character who has possibility for change. If you have a flat character who is always the same, they won't drive the story. In a good story, the plot and character are interwoven and inseparable. Isn't that great? :)

I also worked on my paper due Tuesday, but didn't get it done. Justin and I, during our time talking on the porch and our time talking downstairs in the Pabiana, and then somewhat during our time working on our papers, were able to talk about some things we hadn't figured out before really and get to be better friends again. We are friends, but Riva has brought us to times we've never had before, like being more critical and competitive, and as a result, we're both more on guard around each other even though we want to be friends. Being friends is much nicer.

I really enjoyed the thing given by the architects. It has taken me a while to feel very comfortable with the people here because I feel different from them in many ways. The architects tend to be quieter and more thoughtful, plus there are fewer of them, so they aren't as intimidating. Also, Justin thinks maybe he knows one of them from before, and she may be a Christian, so that would be really cool. I also really appreciated the food. It isn't like we don't have enough food available here, but stuff like sodas and chocolate are a treat, and I appreciated them making some effort to have refreshments and show us their drawings and get to know us a little.

Personally, I learned... augh. Um, well, I worked on being thankful. I wrote a lot of stuff I'm thankful for in my journal, and I realized some of the things that are wrong with me and are contributing to my problems with perspective right now.

Then, Da DUM: I went to bed earlyish at 11:15. Yay.


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